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Showroom finish for motorcycles

WMB delivers bikes to showrooms and global events for the world’s leading brands: BMW, Harley-Davidson, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and more. When the bikes arrive they need to be spotless. And we make sure they are. It’s a matter of pride. Pride in the job and pride in the trust these great brands place in WMB to make sure the job’s done right.

We learned early on that most motorcycle wash products are corrosive or pretty useless, causing ‘clouding’ on bare metals and paintwork to fade, which is not what you want for your pride & joy! This is why we created our own range: WMB Pride.

Until now, the WMB Pride range has only been used by our events teams and the handful of dealerships and motorcycle journalists who’ve asked. Now we’re finally making a professional cleaning range available to serious bikers everywhere – starting with WMB Pride: Wash.

Premium shampoo

Trusted for use on the most expensive makes. Created and tested by bike lovers. Non-corrosive and long-lasting for a showroom finish. The WMB Pride range is now available to buy online.

Starting with WMB Pride: Wash – our 1ltr bike wash for all types of metal, finished surfaces and plastics.

  • Premium product for showroom shine
  • Suitable for on and off-road bikes
  • Removes road film, grease and general soiling
  • Spray directly on your bike or mix with water


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